Blue Bloods season 8 episode 8 video: Frank’s interrogation

Blue Bloods season 8

On Blue Bloods season 8 episode 8, you are going to see Frank Reagan address something we never thought he would: Drug use. To be specific, he does it within the setting of the traditional Reagan family dinner.

In the video, Frank decided to pose a question to the rest of the family: Have any of them ever used it before? While not all of them were altogether keen to answer, one surprising person did: Henry! He shares a little anecdote about the time in which he used it and it definitely seems to catch everyone off-guard.

So what’s the reason for this dinner-table discussion about pot? That has to do very much with the dilemma Frank is facing when it comes to one of his officers caught with the drug. If this was just an ordinary person on the street, an officer would probably just tell him to throw it out — every officer tends to have different degrees in which they want to enforce it and smoking a joint on the street as opposed to while driving a vehicle are two very different things.

However, because of this cop’s profession it’s a very different situation, and the level of punishment that should be handed down is complicated more by the officer’s spotless record. This is not someone who has a habit of causing trouble — they never cause trouble! This puts Frank in a position where he needs to figure out if the rules are too harsh or just right.

We’ve said this before in various venues but we really do think as though this is the sort of subject that’ll be super-polarizing to viewers — as are many others that are the focus of Blue Bloods episodes. Drug use is the sort of thing that nobody seems to have much of a unified opinion on. Either they’re for it being legalized all over the country or against it. It’s complicated. What we hope is that this show doesn’t try too hard to push any one narrative and it focuses mostly at the case at hand. One of the things that Blue Bloods does a very good job at most of the time is taking a closer look at the nuance of a given situation. They recognize that few issues are black-and-white even if the public may assume that it is so. With the discussion of drugs there are a lot of different variables to think about, and we would have to assume that Frank would closely examine many of these before he comes up with a solution.

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