Saturday Night Live preview: Chance the Rapper – Eminem expectations

Chance the RapperThis weekend’s new episode of Saturday Night Live could be one of the funniest ones of the entire season, but it’s also¬† one that is a bit risky. After all, this is the first time in a while that we’ve had a musician (Chance the Rapper) as the host with no real prior experience doing the show other than some performances.

Are there times when artists host and do a great job? Sure. Take a look, for example, at Bruno Mars and how awesome he was the first time that he took on the show. You can argue something similar about Justin Timberlake, though that’s probably a little bit different since we’re talking here about someone who is actually also an actor. Ariana Grande also was impressive and seemed to be game for a lot more we expected — though again, she was also an actor beforehand.

Unfortunately, there are also some musicians who are rather forgettable in this role. Take a look at Adam Levine or Blake Shelton, as neither one of them really delivered. This was¬†obviously meant as cross-promotion with The Voice and there was probably hope from the network that they came out and delivered some really great entertainment. Didn’t happen. Sometimes hosts don’t work out well due to the material, and sometimes they don’t work because of their personality and stage presence doesn’t mesh well with the tone of SNL. Katy Perry is a good example of a singer who could’ve been a better host had the material been better that week — she’s made some good cameos in the past.

With Chance the Rapper, we do think that he’s going to be fun since he seems to love comedy and he’s got no problem breaking it down in the video CarterMatt has for you below with many of the cast members — including newcomers Chris Redd and Heidi Gardner. (We point them out just because it’s extremely rare that first-year cast members actually get a chance to appear in a promo.)

He’s an incredibly talented guy who can do a lot of different things, and we think that the way in which he operates as an artist actually benefits him greatly as a host. He’s creative, innovative, and probably doesn’t have as many cooks in the kitchen this week talking about what he should and shouldn’t do on the show for the sake of his image. SNL clearly likes him since he’s performed many times as a musical guest; therefore, we do think that he’s going to have some good material and he’ll put his best foot forward and try to have fun. For a guy with limited comedy experience, having fun is really the best thing we can ask for.

We definitely think Chance is going to have to do the heavy lifting here comedy-wise — the odds are slim that musical guest Eminem does anything other than perform.

What do you want to see from Chance the Rapper hosting Saturday Night Live?

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