Grey’s Anatomy season 14 episode 8 review: Hackers and an unwelcome visitor

Grey's Anatomy season 14Life at a hospital is never an easy task. On Grey’s Anatomy season 14 episode 7 Thursday night, we got an even better sense as to just how hard it can be when things (somehow) get even worse.

At the center of the winter finale was a a devastating hack that dramatically crippled the hospital and its ability to monitor and treat patients the same way. To make matters worse, those responsible for the hack determined that the only way they’d be okay with restoring power was in the event they were handed over the whopping random of $20 million paid out through Bitcoin. While technically there was a doctor on staff (Jackson) with this sort of incredible fortune, the FBI advised him and the Bailey that paying these people off wasn’t the right thing to do. They were better off finding a way to stop the responsible parties so that these hackers didn’t get the green light that what they were doing could be replicated.

The big problem came here in the form of patients getting sicker and sicker and there not being a great way in order to help. They had to pool resources, transfer some patients out, and try to find a way to ensure that everyone managed to stay alive. The more the story went along the worse that some patients became.

How did the story tonight end for some of these patients? Not well. The hack wasn’t resolved, so for the time being we’re left to wonder if any of these characters in danger will survive.

Tonight’s character moments

There weren’t too many for most of the episode, but near the end that started to change. You could see, for one, that Carina and Arizona still had feelings for each other. Meredith tried to come to grips with her Harper Avery victory earlier on in the season — now that she was a little bit of a celebrity people started to treat her a little differently.

It’s the closing minutes of tonight’s episode this is what most people out there will remember — after all, this brought us the return of Matthew Morrison as Jo’s estranged husband Paul Stadler. He arrived right in the midst of the chaos, and you could immediately see her starting to spiral as a result of that. She made a decision to try and actually divorce him — his arrival is an inevitable result of that, and we certainly hope that someone finds her and quick! Alex, after all, does know what he looks like from that episode last season.

CarterMatt Verdict

This episode of Grey’s Anatomy is one that brought a lot of interesting content to the table from a medical standpoint, but we’ll admit that most of it is a tad forgettable in comparison to the cliffhanger. Paul’s arrival is something that has been on the docket for a long time that in the aftermath of it we are filled with a wide array of fear and anxiety.

When is Grey’s Anatomy returning to the air?

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