Scandal season 7 episode 7 video: Will Olivia find Quinn Perkins?

Scandal season 7 episode 7Will Olivia Pope be able to find Quinn Perkins? That’s going to be the focal point of Scandal season 7 episode 7 on Thursday night.

In the sneak peek below, you get what we like to think of as a prime opportunity to see just how far Olivia is willing to go in order to ensure that this person is found, and to go along with that what she’s willing to do to whoever captured her in the first place. Is there a part of us that wants to declare that this is Olivia’s Breaking Bad moment? Sure, but let’s be honest here: Olivia broke bad for the first time a while ago. This is a very different person from the Olivia we saw back in the early seasons, and she’s certainly someone who feels much more like her father than ever before. She’s running Command, she’s calling the shots, and she’s taking on prisoners.

Whoever took Quinn had to be someone who clearly realized that this was going to lead to some significant fury from Olivia; yet, at the same time they did not care. This showcases some pretty shocking audacity on their part, given that Olivia is not the sort of person anyone would want to anger. Therefore, our assumption is that whoever this person happens to be is someone with a lot of clout and power in their own right. They have to be able to go toe-to-toe with Olivia.

Now, there is also one other possibility that we have to think of here — even if we don’t want to? What if Quinn dies? It wouldn’t be altogether shocking for Scandal to wipe the character off the map in the final season, especially since the character’s death would lead Olivia down a pretty shocking path — one that would probably be pretty difficult for her to recover from. Quinn is one of her closest confidantes — she’s known Olivia for years and she’s even taken over her old business. Olivia is going to be forced to confront some hard truths about herself and the way that she does business if Quinn is gone for good. It also makes us more than a little bit fearful for Jake and some of the other people close to her, given that these are people who are probably going to end up getting the brunt of her anger as a result of it.

Come back later tonight — we’re going to break down this episode more and that includes also taking a look at what’s going to be coming up next.

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