Outlander season 3 episode 10: How Jamie learns of Claire’s capture

Outlander season 3 episode 10Outlander season 3 episode 10 is airing in just a few days, and tension between Jamie and Captain Raines will be at a boil.

If you recall, the end of 3×09 did not end in the most favorable of ways for Claire Fraser — her skills as a doctor led effectively to her capture by Captain Leonard and the British. They have her now as a means to stop a terrible plague aboard the ship; in turn, Claire is going to be helpless in some ways to fight back. She doesn’t have any real leverage there. Sure, she can threaten to not treat anyone, but does she really want to trust these people she doesn’t know to keep her from going overboard? That’s a risky proposition.

Jamie is going to find out during this episode everything that transpired with Claire being taken by Leonard’s ship — and, as you can imagine, he is not going to be all to thrilled about it. The photo above is some further evidence of that, as he will lash out at Captain Raines when he realizes that not only was Raines aware that this was going to be happening in advance, he signed off on the move. Rained agreed to it! This fills Jamie with enough rage that he’s going to confront him — and, in turn, eventually be locked away from everyone else on the ship.

You can see a little bit of this confrontation in action in a new sneak peek over at Esquire; with that, we have an answer to an important question. Why did Raines agree to do this, especially given that there is a good chance that Leonard’s ship would be wiped off the map entirely without her help? He could’ve just wiped his hands of the situation and moved on, but that’s a pretty morbid and heartless way to think about things. To be fair, we don’t think that Raines allowed Claire over on that ship with charity in mind; it was more about ensuring his own long-term safety. If by some miracle some of those people on Leonard’s ship made it to land, and word spread about Raines and his crew not helping, how do you think that would look? What do you think that would do to either Raines or someone within his family? That would be him playing a very dangerous game; as Raines puts it, he has a lot of people to think about when making the sort of decision that he did with Claire. Leonard is promising that Claire will reunite with Jamie in Jamaica, but Jamie is smart enough to realize there are no guarantees. Something easily could happen to her over there and that, coupled with the betrayal itself, sends him over the edge.

If you love drama, you’re going to get plenty of it on Outlander season 3 episode 10 — for a little more news on the episode, be sure to check out some photos here!

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