McGee and Delilah welcome twins John and Morgan McGee to the NCIS family!

NCIS season 15 episode 9This is the big episode of NCIS that we have all been waiting for: The birth of McGee and Delilah’s baby. While we did learn in advance that Delilah was going to be going into labor early what we want to know now is this: Will we have a cliffhanger episode and get to meet their baby in the New Year or is this going to be the best Thanksgiving gift for fans ever!

Let’s first talk about the fact that McGee and Delilah didn’t know that they were having twins until three weeks before she was due – how does that happen!?!?! That’s a question we’ve been going over in our heads all week long, so when the show did explain what happened, we were happy to see it. For a show that asks us to suspend some sort of disbelief, that was something we would’ve had a terrible time buying into.

Now let’s talk baby names

We know that McGee and Delilah are having twins (a boy and a girl) and they are narrowing down their boy choices (well at least McGee is) to Harrison, Indiana and Han. That kid is going to have some serious nerd cred to say the least! As for the name for their baby girl… well a Gibbs interruption was a good way to draw this out for a while, but we’ve learned that it won’t be Leia.

Time to meet the babies!

Although Delilah is due in three weeks, the babies decided it was time to meet their parents a little early (which is not uncommon with twins). Luckily Abby was visiting when Delilah’s water broke so she was brought to the hospital right away. McGee’s “comfort kit” for Delilah might be the cutest thing ever, but because he’s so overly nervous she sends him on a task to help keep his mind occupied. She knows him so well. What she didn’t take into account was that the man that NCIS was hunting during the case of the week happened to be in the emergency room with a bullet in the leg, taking people hostage.

After the babies are born McGee starts rethinking his obsession for Harrison Ford trickling down to his son and Delilah comes up with the name John after McGee’s dad – which we all love! As for his daughter they setlled on the name Morgan.

CarterMatt’s overall thoughts

With it being American Thanksgiving this week all we want to do is celebrate and this episode was a great way to help get us in the celebrating mood. After all, who doesn’t want to celebrate with some adorable babies (and these babies were super uber cute!).

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