Longmire season 6 premiere week: How Katee Sackhoff’s Vic is a window into the world

Katee SackhoffLongmire season 6 premiere week continues on today, and in just two more days, Netflix is going to be launching the final season of one of our longtime favorites. It’s a powerful experience reflecting on this show and its journey. It’s long been the little engine that could — it’s a throwback show much in the way that Walt Longmire is a throwback character, and it captures both the spirit of a place and its unique characters in a way that other shows only dream of. Visually it’s stunning, and time and time again it features some of the most underrated performances on all of TV.

Katee Sackhoff as Vic Moretti is certainly one of these said performers, as she brings so much heart, determination, and fun to the show. She also excels when it comes to adding some perspective. While there may be many Longmire viewers out there who grew up in small towns and relate to some of the charm and vibe of the story, there are probably others who didn’t have a picturesque landscape of nature all around them. There are viewers of this show who may perceive the setting as almost alien and they are stepping into a new world anytime that they watch.

For some of these people, we firmly believe that Sackhoff is almost their conduit. She is a window into Absaroka County. You get to know the people and this wonderful environment through her eyes. That makes for more of an immersive experience since no matter who you are, you can relate to a character on Longmire. Vic worked in Philadelphia for many years before coming to Wyoming and therefore brings some of her own methods and style.

Over the years we’ve seen Vic evolve and become used to this environment; along the way, she’s had some of the most engaging storylines. She has battled through some hard times and difficult experiences both on the job and off of it, and she’s also wrestled with her feelings for Walt, not quite knowing how to admit to them. She’s not used to openly expressing how she feels and that’s problematic given that Walt is largely the same way. Her pregnancy throws an interesting wrench into the story since she has to think more about her future in a way that she did not previously. There is now a new sense of urgency that she has. In between that story, the status of her relationship with Walt, and whatever comes her way in terms of a case, there’s a lot for Vic to tackle over the final season.

Moving into it though, we thank Sackhoff for bringing so much life into this character from the Craig Johnson novels and for being a vessel for us to know and care for Walt, Henry, Cady, and so many others.

What are some of your favorite Katee Sackhoff – Vic moments through six seasons of Longmire on Netflix? Be sure to share in the comments!

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