The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow ratings unfazed by Andrew Kreisberg situation

Grant GustinFor the second straight day we come bearing some very good news: It appears as though the negative headlines surrounding Andrew Kreisberg are having no bearing on The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, or any other show within the CW superhero universe. The actions he is accused of are beyond the pale, but the show and the casts shouldn’t be punished for them.

Luckily, the latest ratings prove that this isn’t happening. The Flash season 4 last night generated in total a 0.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic, which is pretty much even with the week before. The same goes for Legends of Tomorrow with a 0.5. While Kreisberg isn’t nearly as hands-on with Legends of Tomorrow as he is with both Supergirl and The Flash, he’s listed as an executive producer across the entire Arrow-verse. (At the bottom of the article you can read the full statement from the Legends of Tomorrow writers room as a response to some of the headlines; we applaud them for making a unified stance.)

The only other Arrow-verse show to still air this week is Arrow itself, and like Legends of Tomorrow Kreisberg is not directly involved in the writing. (He was at one point earlier on in the show’s run.)

We’ve mentioned this before in some other venues, but the biggest thing that we’re hoping for at this point is that the powers-that-be at The CW and Warner Bros. TV find a way to resolve this situation soon. A suspension isn’t going to cut it for many people and the longer the wait for more news goes, the harder it’s going to be for the shows to move forward. We can’t imagine Kreisberg ever writing another one of these episodes again, but that’s just an opinion and the team at the studio isn’t obligated to go along with anything said here.

All of these superhero shows are gearing up for a massive crossover event in two weeks, and that is one that should feature some nice ratings gains across the board. As it is a 0.9 and a 0.5 rating are ones to be celebrated; if these shows do keep this up, there is a reasonably good chance that all of them are going to return for additional seasons down the road.

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