Is Wonder Woman now officially in the Arrow-verse? The surprise reveal

Wonder WomanIs Wonder Woman now officially a part of the Arrow-verse after the big reveal at the end of Legends of Tomorrow?

Well, yes and no. While we don’t exactly think as though Diana is going to be making an appearance on any CW show in the near future, her home of Themyscira did have a surprise cameo appearance in the closing minutes. A time-displaced Helen of Troy was brought there by Zari as opposed to her home in Ancient Rome, a move that was clearly Zari shrugging her shoulders and saying that she is going to do whatever she wants to people who she feels are worthy of it.

Rather than focusing on that story, let’s instead look at what this move could mean for the show. Does this mean that one of these shows could actually go about casting Diana? We’re not willing to bet that, given that DC has a history of being super-protective of some of their characters. Take a look at how they ripped Harley Quinn and Deadshot away from Arrow for the Suicide Squad movie.

Based on what Maisie Richardson-Sellers (who plays Amaya) told TVLine about the Easter egg, that’s all it was really meant as for the time being:

“I think Wonder Woman has paved the way brilliantly, proving that female-focused movies and TV shows can be a huge success. So I think that was a very affectionate shout-out. I liked it.”

It’s actually somewhat of a shame that we don’t get to see much in the way of a Wonder Woman on any of these shows given that they’d now have a connection to Helen of Troy, provided of course that someone doesn’t go back in time and move her once more.

For those unaware, this actually isn’t even the first time that Wonder Woman has been referenced on the show in one way or another. Previously, Earth-2 Barry Allen had Diana Prince’s name listed on speed dial along with some popular alter egos of other prominent DC superheroes. There was an Arrow reference to Bruce Wayne earlier this season, but it was just a sly reference to the character rather than validation that the character will be surfacing anytime soon.

What do you think about this little Wonder Woman shout-out? Did you like it, or were you just bummed out that you’re not getting the actual character in the flesh? Share below!

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