Gotham season 4 trailer makes a meal out of Professor Pyg

Gotham season 4 trailerThe latest Gotham season 4 promo has hit the web before Thursday night’s all new episode, and all early indications are that this one will freak you out.

This episode, entitled “Let Them Eat Pie,” may very well be one of the most disgusting episodes that the Fox series have ever put on the air. For a little more in the way of news about that, just get to about the halfway point of the trailer. This starts off as a Professor Pyg highlight reel, but then it gets into a dinner party thrown by the now-infamous villain — one that may be more disgusting than any one we’ve seen since Hannibal was on the air.

Previously, one of Professor Pyg’s favorite go-to moves was forcing Gotham to face police corruption using the pig as his famous motif. (It shouldn’t be altogether hard to figure out why.) Now, he literally wants to force the rich to feed on the poor. He’s baked for his dinner parties meat pies made out of human meat, and if these people don’t eat them, terrible things will happen as a result. This is where the knives, the stabbing, the screaming, and eventually a brawl with Jim Gordon start to come into play.

One of the things that Gotham does extremely well is paint some of their characters into these point-of-no-return scenarios where you have a hard time imagining how they are going to be able to emerge in one piece. We’ve seen this before with Jerome and several other recurring villains. Now, we are getting that here with the Pyg. He’s trapped everyone in this dinner party — it may have been his plan all along to lure Jim and company there, but now that he has them he has to figure out what he wants to do to them. If he doesn’t kill them they could just kill him back, and sooner or later the GCPD is going to turn up and spoil his party.

Maybe this is what Professor Pyg wants. Maybe he realizes that he is at the end of his road and if he’s going to burn out, it’s better to go big as opposed to with a whimper. If that’s his goal, all signs point towards him succeeding.

What else is coming on Gotham Thursday?

You will see Bruce Wayne start to become all the more separated and divided from Alfred. While the two may have been close for many years, Bruce’s training coupled with his new party-boy lifestyle are starting to sever whatever sort of common ground there once was between the two.

What do you want to see in this episode?

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