Three things we want in the Outlander season 3 finale

Outlander season 3 finaleThe Outlander season 3 finale is coming up shortly — as a result of that, it’s time to put our thinking caps on!

For a while the finale was so far away that it felt elusive, but now we’re a little under a month from this season coming to a close and us having to endure another long (and painful) wait until the start of the new season. At the very earliest we’re talking nine months, and it could be later if for whatever reason the show doesn’t return in the fall of 2018 as so many of us hope.

For the sake of this article, we want to share a trio of (reasonably) spoiler-free things that we would love to see within the final episode. We’re not getting into book specifics, but at this point it’s fairly common knowledge that Jamie and Claire survive the voyage and prepare to end up settling in North Carolina at the start of season 4.

That is a perfect introduction to the first suggestion CarterMatt has to offer here.

1. Bring clarity to Jamie and Claire’s journey – While we don’t have to see the show’s representation of North Carolina in the finale, why not allude to it? Why not throw that little teaser out there as something for many diehard fans to be excited about? They may know already that it’s coming, but there is something magical about seeing certain things become canon within the world of the show for the first time. For non-readers, maybe this new setting is yet again a cause for excitement — the 18th century in North America is certainly a time of great change and revolution. For the history buffs out there we anticipate that there is a lot to be excited about.

2. A Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin cameo – In addition to being super-excited to see the two back on the show again, we do think it’s important to remind casual fans that they are still out there and still a part of the show. It’s similar to how Outlander (in the first two seasons) did offer up occasional reminders that Frank Randall was still important, even if he was not a direct part of Claire’s story until she came back through the stones.

3. Murtagh! – We’re going to keep this simple: The show has to give us some sort of update on this character eventually. The moment they do, there will likely be jaws hitting the ground all across the fandom. As of right now he is the show’s version of Morgan from The Walking Dead — the really popular character who disappears for a while and you spend weeks / months eagerly anticipating a return. As we’ve said it before, the fact that he’s already dead in the books makes his story all the more intriguing!

What is on your personal Outlander finale wishlist at the moment?

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