The filming structure for Outlander season 4 — how far along are they?

Outlander season 4CarterMatt has posted some Outlander season 4 filming updates here and there over the past month or so and now it’s time to put some of these in to a larger context.

So how far along is the cast and crew exactly? Think in terms of more than two episodes. We shared recently a post on Twitter in which Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser) noted that the series had completed their first block of the season — now, executive producer Maril Davis has confirmed that a block runs for about two episodes and there are seven blocks in the season. The finale is a separate block on its own. Now, if you hear some of this terminology used during production you know what it means — filming the end of block 3, for example, should mean that the show is wrapping up episode 6.

When you consider that Outlander season 4 started filming at the start of October, it took roughly a little over a month to get through the first two episodes. If every episode continued at around this same pace, then you would be looking at around seven and a half / eight months for filming to be complete. Add in there some breaks — and also the fact that not every block films in the same amount of time — and it’s a little easier to understand why Outlander filming can easily take up nine months out of the year. This season should be completed in the late spring or early summer barring some unforeseen delays. What does help the show this time around is that they are going to remain centrally located in Scotland — there are no enormous trips planned to the other side of the world.

Is it possible that one more block may be finished before the holiday break? In theory in could be, given that there’s just enough time to make that happen and that would probably be easier on the cast and crew than trying to come back in after Christmas and New Year’s Day in order to pick back up where they left off.

What we wonder at the moment

When will Starz unveil the first look at Aunt Jocasta or Stephen Bonnet? What about some of the other new characters? We definitely have a thirst for some more official season 4 teasers — by this we mean official photos as opposed to someone snapping some images out and about on the show’s set.

Our feeling, as much as we hate to say it, is that Starz is probably going to wait until the new year to start sharing some substantial season 4 teasers. Putting photos out there doesn’t give all that much away — we just see it more as the network wanting to have some content to share throughout the hiatus in order to keep everyone engaged ant talking about the show.

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