A hope that Supergirl, The Flash ratings do not suffer under allegations

Supergirl season 3 episode 4As someone who has covered the Arrow-verse in one way or another ever since screening the Arrow pilot for the first time at Fan Expo Canada in the summer of 2012, there is no doubt in our mind this is the toughest times for these shows. Sure, some of them have endured some tough times before — Arrow season 4 was creatively a mess and The Flash season 3 waited far too long to reveal the central villain.

Yet, those were issues related to the show itself and some of what was happening on-screen. What the franchise is now facing is something altogether different and much darker. While there have always been Tumblr and Twitter battles about on-set rumors and the like, the suspension of executive producer Andrew Kreisberg is national news. It’s a huge blow to these positive, super-uplifting shows that are meant to celebrate the hero in all of us. Now, there’s the devastating reveal that someone responsible for crafting many of these stories was not living up to the message portrayed in these programs. Instead, he was reportedly abusing his power in unspeakable ways.

Tonight, the fear of lost viewership should be very real. We understand those who feel like there is an awkward relationship between the story on the show and the presence of Kreisberg off-screen, especially since he was involved in some of the episodes coming up including the enormous four-part Crisis on Earth-X crossover. There may be some who feel like watching the show is an endorsement of him as an artist.

Personally, we hope that very few people ultimately feel this way to the point where they decide not to watch the show anymore. As a matter of fact, we hope Supergirl and The Flash deliver great ratings both tonight and tomorrow as proof that what these shows represent is far more important than the horrible actions of one man. Supergirl represents bravery, empowerment, and doing the right thing — that message shouldn’t be lost now, and neither should The Flash who is trying to fight crime while looking on the bright side of life. There are so many other people who have poured their hearts into these stories and want viewers to be entertained or even inspired by them. Supergirl and The Flash should move forward, and there could be a way to even use these shows moving forward in order to speak out about some of these issues. They’ve always used these platforms for good, and we have to think that they will continue to do so. Without Kreisberg involved, won’t they be able to really touch on these important issues? (Kreisberg has not been officially fired as of this writing, but it remains difficult to imagine how he comes back given the accusations against him.)

We hope that viewers out there do continue to support the casts and crews of these shows, and that they in turn find a way to pay this forward.

Are you still planning to watch Supergirl and The Flash?

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