Major Crimes season 6 episode 3: New promo adds new clues to the mystery

Major Crimes season 6Major Crimes is getting more and more confusing as new evidence turns up in the case. TNT has released a promo for tomorrow night’s episode, (Sanctuary City Part 3) giving fans a hint at the case that keeps on giving.

It appears the squad is taking a closer look at the boys’ families looking for anything suspicious. They already found a large sum of money, discovered one of the parents is a drug addict, and another family is here illegally. So what else does the squad think they can find? Well, they now believe the boys are either already dead or being held against their will by someone they know or possibly their families know. The team could be looking more closely at the families to search for any suspicious connections to anyone capable of taking these boys. The team could also be looking for any evidence that two of the boys helped Ryan kill his stepfather, as that theory was brought up on the last episode.

One new piece of evidence offered up in the promo was a vigilante squad and a hit list. The next scene Commander Sharon Raydor says what we were all thinking. Why do these things add up? Well, this certainly complicates matters because the team questions what these boys were really in to. The hit list could have a connection to Ryan’s stepfather’s gang and the vigilante squad could be a group who is anti-gang trying to take out the major players. It’s just a thought, but obviously the mystery will deepen before we know how everything adds up. Either way, we look forward to see how the puzzle pieces fit together.

One thing the promo didn’t give away was about Sharon and how her personal life begins to threaten her career. Obviously TNT wouldn’t want to give away the farm here, but a hint would have been nice. Promos are suppose to be 30 seconds and adding in a part of one of the character’s personal lives, would have been a little out of place as the main focus on the episode is the case of the St. Joseph’s Three. So for fans who were wishing to see more, this is why. To be honest, this makes it all the more exciting now that we have no idea what this next obstacle will be in Sharon’s life.

Major Crimes is on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. on TNT. For more news related to Major Crimes, be sure to visit this link.

This story was written by Samantha D’Amico. If you want to follow her, you can do so at SAM_iamXO. (Photo: TNT)

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