NCIS: Los Angeles season 9 episode 7 review: Daniela Ruah’s standout performance

NCIS: Los Angeles season 9 episode 7NCIS: Los Angeles season 9 episode 7 was entitled “The Silo” — how we may remember it best will be as one of the biggest Kensi Blye episodes of the entire season. This episode featured a rogue group of Air Force servicemen and women who overtook some nuclear launch silos with one specific reason in mind: Trying to use all of these bombs to wipe out the greater part of the Muslim world. These people were all horribly prejudiced and misinformed; they thought as though they were (somehow) doing the right thing.

Here is where Daniela Ruah’s character entered the picture — she has a history with Kevin Miller, one of the people who was down in the silo. She had a brief relationship with him long ago, and that was why she was brought in to try to turn the tide and convince the Captain to stop what he was doing along with his sister. Given that there was no other way in which to get into the silo on their own, the team had to get creative.

It goes without saying that Ruah was outstanding in this episode as she played so many different sides. She was an intense leader, a compassionate source of support, a calming influence, and even a source of humor during the lighthearted Kensi / Deeks storyline as she got upset with him following an argument all about grilled cheese.

As the case went along, we also saw Deeks, Sam, and the rest of the NCIS: LA team doing their best to be involved in the case from afar. They weren’t technically allowed to know much of the valuable information, but they did still find some ways to figure out how to be involved. After all, the operation to fire off these missiles was so much larger than just the people who were in that silo. Sam led a team to track down one of the ringleaders on the outside — and with that, a gun battle ensued.

For Kensi, she eventually realized (with the help of the high-level FBI team around her) that the only way that she was going to be able to get through to them was by being down there in person — and also taking a more violent approach. The team on the scene dug her a tiny hole for her to crawl into — she knew that she was risking her life to do this, and that led to the most heartbreaking scene of the entire season for her. She knew that she had to call Deeks in order to give him a proper goodbye in the event that she didn’t make it. Even though the two weren’t in the same room, you could still feel the chemistry between them.

Kensi went down into the silo in order to take action, and with a little help from her friends on the outside, they were able to give her the upper hand. Unfortunately, in the process of this she had no choice but to take Miller down.

CarterMatt Verdict

If you’ve been wanting a great Daniela Ruah episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, this one delivered. While on paper this was a successful mission, we do appreciate that the show didn’t loose sight of the lives that were lost or the emotional strain that this case put on Kensi and Deeks. They do also have to consider what would happen if something happened to one of them on the job.

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