Outlander season 3 episode 9 preview: What to be excited for during the voyage (and beyond!)

Outlander season 3 episode 9 photosOutlander season 3 episode 9 is coming your way on Starz Sunday night, so who is ready to dive into one final preview for the episode?

This episode, entitled “The Doldrums,” certainly looks as though it is going to be one of the most beautiful ones of the series to date. Visually, we are trading in Scotland for an entirely different color palette — one with brighter skies and warmer climates. Jamie and Claire are heading to the West Indies, and the production’s veered all the way down to South Africa. If the ships look somewhat familiar, it’s because they were used previously for Black Sails — another fantastic series from Starz.

The promo below throws you right into the situation at hand — the Frasers are in the process of searching for Young Ian after his capture. However, in the midst of the search many other problems will arise, including one that may require Claire’s skill as a doctor. There will also be relationship issues that these characters will need to tackle. The two are embarking on this trip with a sense of urgency to save Ian, but some of their own problems are not completely resolved yet. Having aboard the ship Laoghaire’s daughter Marsali is certainly not going to help with that. As the sneak peek here shows, the character (at least in the early going) will serve as an ever-present reminder of Jamie’s other marriage. That probably wouldn’t be such a problem were it not for A) that other wife being Laoghaire, who hates Claire and B) Jamie not being upfront about it in the first place.

In terms of other familiar faces on the ship, you are also going to see both Mr. Willoughby (who is featured in several promotional photos) and Fergus.

Beyond “The Doldrums”

This voyage is not going to be wrapped up in a single episode — far from it. These characters are eventually going to make it to Jamaica, and while there you will see more elaborate costumes and some scenes reminiscent of season 2 in many different ways.

Romantically, expect plenty of highs and lows the remainder of the season for Jamie and Claire. Here is what Caitriona Balfe had to say to Entertainment Weekly about the long-term themes of this story:

“The hard work in any relationship is getting beyond the fantasy … That’s when all the truth comes out and Claire learns everything. You want it all to go smooth sailing. But reality is never like that. It’s not the Disney dream.”

On the other side of Jamaica you have America, and that is where the show’s season 4 setting will be. They’ll have more of a stable home there, but even more problems will likely have a way of finding them. It’s a good thing they are so great at dealing with adversity, given that they have such a knack at finding it.

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