Grey’s Anatomy season 14 will take its time with next Meredith Grey story

Ellen PompeoGrey’s Anatomy season 14 does have many big storylines ahead with Ellen Pompeo and her character of Meredith. Yet, they also don’t feel the need to hurry into any of them in the wake of her Harper Avery Award and the departure of Nathan Riggs … especially when it comes to her love life.

Is it true that there is a potential new love interest being cast on the show? Sure, but just because they’re billed in such a way doesn’t quite mean that romance is going to be coming Meredith’s way in the near future. There is no real reason for the series to hurry things along in this regard. That’s something that executive producer Shonda Rhimes confirmed by sharing the following thoughts with Entertainment Weekly:

“Meredith Grey is a very complex character who had the love of her life, and that person died … I don’t know that for her that epic romance is exactly what she’s looking for next. I think it might come when she least expects it, but I don’t think that’s what she’s looking for next. I kind of subscribe to the idea that a woman should be looking for something else, mainly something for herself, as opposed to basing everything in a man. I think we’re watching her grow and evolve.”

Rhimes has the perfect perception on this — people who go through life looking mostly for romance often find themselves disappointed, given that it can lead to you setting elevated expectations for yourself and those around you. Often, it is better to just try to live life organically, focus on those who are close to you, and know that a great romance is possibly going to find you in due time. If it doesn’t happen, maybe it’s not meant to be. There are times you may need to be assertive in order to get it, but that’s situational as opposed to a life philosophy.

Meredith has plenty of other great stuff to focus on, whether it be a great career to fantastic friends to a wonderful family. There’s a lot for her to celebrate in her life right now.

What do you think the next major Ellen Pompeo – Meredith Grey storyline should be, and should it have anything to do with romance? Share below in the comments section!

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