Grey’s Anatomy season 14: Is Meredith Grey getting new love interest?

Meredith GreyMrs. Carter: Is Meredith Grey going to get a new love interest on Grey’s Anatomy season 14 after the exit of Nathan Riggs?

We expect the answer to be yes on this one (it is Grey’s Anatomy after all), but we certainly didn’t expect it to be so soon. This is a show that normally likes the slow-burn most of the time. As a result of that, we thought that we would be waiting a while and would’ve been more than okay with it.

Yet, it looks as though the Shonda Rhimes ABC drama is going to be speeding things up a little bit in the Meredith romance department. According to a new report from TVLine, Ellen Pompeo’s character will be getting a new love interest at some point this season — maybe he won’t become one right away, but this is eventually the plan. The character is from another country and carries with that some foreign charm and flair. He is in his forties, attractive, and like Meredith is a parent who is well-renowned for some of their own skills in the medical field. The two characters are going to have a good bit to discuss when it comes to their personal history and perhaps even more.

We admit, the only reason we wonder if it’s too soon for another love interest is because we came to be fond of Riggs and the whole Merthan ‘ship here at CarterMatt. Martin Henderson’s character did have feelings for Meredith, but the bigger issue was that he eventually had deep feelings for someone else. There was that history there with Megan, and it was hard for him to overcome that once she returned at the start of the season. Meredith didn’t even want him to overcome that. She felt like the right future for him and encouraged him to go down that road.

What did you think about Meredith getting a new love interest this season? Do you think that it’s too early, or do you think it’s just right given that nothing worked out with her and Riggs in the end? Let us know some of your thoughts on that subject below!

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