How are the Good Behavior ratings charting leading up to season 2 episode 5?

Good Behavior ratingsGood Behavior season 2 episode 5 on Sunday looks to be one of the biggest episodes of the season — or at least the most entertaining. You’ve got Letty going undercover at a drug club, and the preview CarterMatt has for you below gives you a sense of some of the fun that’s going to be coming up here. We know that the producers strive for some authenticity to the real drag world with this storyline (Ginger Minj is going to be appearing in it) — we’ve certainly seen undercover missions before on this show and others, but never one quite like this!

As we are excited to check this episode out, we also need to stay aware of what remains a tenuous situation with the show’s season 2 ratings. To date, the series is just under a 0.2 rating in the 18-49 demographic coupled with under 600,000 viewers an episode. Those aren’t the best numbers in the world. They’re lower than the TNT average, and this is a network that has certainly canceled shows with far better numbers (just look at Major Crimes, for example).

The ratings performance of Good Behavior actually remains to us one of the show’s greatest mysteries. Why doesn’t it perform better? It has just about every component that you could possibly want, whether it be a great lead in Michelle Dockery, great case-of-the-week stories that alternate between funny and meaningful, creative writing, and a subject matter that is super-appealing for cable drama. This is a show that should be averaging three times what it does.

The simplest explanation for why this show isn’t performing better is simple: Viewers just don’t seem to know that it’s out there, and that’s interesting since it has a decent promotional campaign. It’s just not sticking in anyone’s mind. If you are a fan of Good Behavior, the biggest thing we can advise is that you really start to spread word-of-mouth to everyone who you think would even remotely enjoy it. Encourage your friends to watch or stream it because once they get an episode or two in, there’s a good chance that they will be hooked. It’s been stuck in some competitive time slots over the past two seasons but with the right exposure, we think this is a show on the cusp of making a big leap forward.

Are you excited for Good Behavior season 2 episode 5, and why do you think that the series is not performing better? Share now in the comments, and take a look over here for some additional news regarding the series!

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