Poldark season 3 episode 7 (PBS) teases: Ross – Demelza trouble and more

Poldark season 3 episode 7Poldark season 3 episode 7 is coming to PBS this weekend, and this is (yet again) another critical hour for the series. Will it be as critical as the one last week? That’s debatable, mostly because it’s very difficult to top that in terms of the drama of losing Aunt Agatha. That is more than just a big event — it was also somewhat traumatic given the way in which she was treated by George. While she is certainly far from a saint, we definitely like to think that everyone deserves more love and kindness than what was ultimately handed down to her.

The show must go on, and with that we come bearing a series of Poldark season 3 episode 7 teases to help prepare you for this. Remember, there are only two more installments left for the season as a whole!

Rowella – In the midst of everything that is going on with Morwenna and Whitworth a.k.a. one of the most depressing storylines of the year, you will see this character strike out with a rather surprising plan of her own. This is going to be a storyline worth watching over these final two episodes of the season and is in no way resolved during this episode alone.

Ross – He is going to still be mired in a debate as to how involved he should be when it comes to politics, but beyond that there is another important question he will face: How should he remember Aunt Agatha and ensure that her life is honored in the best possible way?

Elizabeth – She will have a surprising conversation with another cast member in this episode, and the aftermath of this could lead to one of the most transformative moments of the entire series for her. This will be her moment where she begins to put her life into a larger perspective.

Demelza – Could she actually have an affair with Hugh Armitage? Given his treatment of her in comparison to the way that Ross has (let’s just say that hasn’t been great), the risk is higher within this episode than it has ever been before.

What do you want to see in regards to Poldark season 3 episode 7? Share some of your own personal hopes and expectation in the comments section below!

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