MacGyver season 2 episode 7 review: Jack Dalton has a heart

MacGyver season 2 episode 7 reviewFor MacGyver season 2 episode 7 on Friday night, we had a story that demonstrated perfectly what happens when Jack Dalton is forced to wander around with a giant green tarp, protecting a heart being transplanted using his own blood. Basically, Jack had to use his own heart in order to protect another.

The heart being transplanted belonged to a prominent politician in Ecuador, someone who was set to seize power provided that he could live long enough to do it. Unfortunately, there was also a city-wide hit out there on his life and that was causing him trouble at every turn. He needed a heart transplant to stay alive and even when we got it, there was another problem: The power going out in the hospital. Jack was starting to get weak and Mac had to figure out a way in order to build a generator with little time left.

Luckily he did that and the day was of course saved — the politician gets a chance to lead Ecuador in a new direction.

(Sidebar: Regardless of whatever your political affiliation is, isn’t it nice to have a story where politics are presented in a happy, hopeful way for a change? Seems pretty rare these days.)

Bozer gets left behind

While Justin Hires was separate from the rest of the cast this week, he did still get a chance to be a part of a rather charming story as he worked to figure out who robbed Jack’s apartment at the start of the hour. He lost a wide array of things, but most notably he lost his father’s dog tags.

Given that there is so much darkness and despair on TV, it would have been easy for the writers to come up with some jaw-dropper that devastated Jack forever here. We’re glad that this didn’t happen. Instead, we were happy to see that the show went in a different direction and wrote an ending where it was his neighbor’s kid who took his stuff — not because he wanted to actually sell any of it, but because he wanted to look tough for his friends. All of the missing items were accounted for.

Also, Bozer showed a heart of gold at the end of this story — he actually helped the kid get a job rather than falling into a life of crime.

CarterMatt Verdict

This was a very good episode! While there was probably less explosions and action than we’ve seen on the show as of late, we had a personal, emotional hour of TV anchored by some good writing and a very good performance from George Eads. He’s the show’s resident goof much of the time so it’s rather nice for him to get something a little bit deeper and intimate. He was willing to risk his life tonight in Ecuador, while also fearing that he lost the mementos of his father forever.

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