Madam Secretary: Sneak peeks for ‘Loophole’ released

Madam Secretary season 4This Sunday on Madam Secretarythings are going to get complicated for Elizabeth as she tries to navigate the new issue-of-the-week as detailed in the recently released sneak peeks by CBS. Before getting into that, the synopsis for Sunday’s episode is as follows:

“Henry disagrees with the President and Elizabeth when they refuse to negotiate with terrorists for the release of an American CIA agent who was captured by the Taliban in Afghanistan. Also, Elizabeth tries to be supportive of Stevie who is going through a difficult time, on Madam Secretary, Sunday, Nov. 12 at 10:30/9:30c.”

It certainly seems like Elizabeth is going to have her hands full this week, especially when the person she often leans on for emotional support and guidance is going to be at odds with her. CBS has, of course, released some sneak peeks that give us hint at what’s this is going to be like.

The 1st sneak peek – Here Elizabeth and Henry are walking down the corridor of what appears to be somewhere in the White House. Elizabeth asks him if he is okay, which leads the conversation to reveal that Henry disagrees with a call the President and Elizabeth made about the CIA agent. Henry wants to pay the random the Taliban wants for the agent because it will spare American lives, while Elizabeth and the President want to employ military action. This certainly would complicate matters, as the U.S. is famous for its saying that “we don’t negotiate with terrorists.”

The good news for fans is that the conversation ended mutually when Henry suggested they debrief another agent is to see what they know and to see if it could help their case. Either way, this episode is definitely what the duo needed. We have rarely seen them disagree with something pertaining to work, so it’s great that we finally get to see how they handle this.

The 2nd sneak peek – This one begins with Elizabeth exiting the elevator to start her day but is met by Blake, Jay, and Matt. Elizabeth was hoping it was news regarding Daisy’s baby, but alas it wasn’t. Instead Elizabeth asks the trio if they have figured out a way to get to the person they need to talk to in order to save their agent. Jay tells her to use Pakistan despite the issues it may give rise to. However, it does give her an idea.

This sneak peek is once again a reminder that comic relief that sometimes needed in shows like this. Shows like Madam Secretary feature serious topics and it’s moments like in this sneak peek that make you smile and laugh.

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