Scandal season 7 episode 6 review: Where is Quinn Perkins?

Scandal season 7 premiereSometimes in the midst of all of the craziness, it can be hard at times to forget the happy things in ScandalHere’s a reminder — going into Scandal season 7 episode 6 we were meant to see a wedding between Quinn Perkins and Charlie.

What’s the main operative words there? Meant to see. There was no guarantee that it would actually happen and in the early minutes of the episode, we spent a little more time seeing Olivia and Quinn at war. Clearly, Quinn was still holding onto some hard feelings — understandably so — over what happened at the end of Scandal last week. After all, President Rashad and his niece were killed in the plane explosion.

By and large it still looked as though the wedding was going on — until it wasn’t. Quinn suddenly vanished and nobody had much of an indication as to what happened to her. For Charlie, he was still intent on believing that things were not anywhere near as dire as they seemed — but they were pretty dire. Eventually, he had to accept that Quinn had left. Luckily, though, it didn’t seem to have all that much to do with him. Instead, she departed in order for her to do some other work, following a trail of clues that would lead to answers on the plane explosion.

Unfortunately, some of the trial led to … Fenton? That guy was behind it? Dean Norris’ character bonded with him, and he didn’t seem like a possible suspect. While some members of QPA chose to help in the search for him, it was Charlie who then found him, wrapped him up Dexter Morgan style, and then tortured and tormented him.

When Charlie saw some video footage of Quinn he made it his mission to find her — but unfortunately, we don’t think anyone was closer to where they wanted to be by the end.

Mellie’s mission

Well, let’s just say that she’s interested in war with Bashran — while revenge may be pretty clearly her motive, that doesn’t quite matter. What does is that she’s paving a path of destruction and could hurt anyone who gets in her way.

At first, Mellie lashed out at the Ambassador with a message promising violence, but following that she passed along a new one — one that carries with it the promise of a nuclear treaty … so long of course as they accept her terms.

This week’s aftermath

There was no explosion this time — instead, we saw Abby and David Rosen grow closer while, Olivia, frustrated with how little she accomplished most of the episode, got herself a drink. It was then when Jake managed to bring Olivia a better version of some footage and it revealed something much more shocking than Quinn investigating the explosion — it actually turned out that she was taken!

Consider that your crazy end to another crazy episode — Fenton was a false fall guy and everything seemed to be intentional to throw Olivia and company off the scent.

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