Gotham season 4 episode 8 review: Jim, Lee Thompkins’ surprising promotions

Gotham season 4 episode 8Gotham season 4 episode 8 kicked off by paying a visit to the Narrows, basically so that we could see the show’s version of Fight Club. Also, we saw Solomon Grundy rip off someone’s arm and beat someone with it. Imagine if this show was on HBO and you would’ve been able to see that whole scene!

Also, we learned that Oswald was being mocked ruthlessly by some caricature that was performing in the Narrows — as you would imagine (since this is Oswald and he has a rather high opinion of himself) he was not altogether thrilled with this. He managed to eventually convince the Sirens to go in and do some investigating, but with that, Tabitha learned the truth about her beloved Butch: He’s alive! He just wasn’t the same Butch that she remembered … mostly because he didn’t seem to remember her at all.

The more we got to play around in the Narrows tonight the more fun stuff we got, whether it be that conversation between Lee Thompkins and Barbara or getting a chance to see Selina lay the smack-down on the pseudo-Penguin working there. This became a war of many sides, with The Narrows crew taking on the Penguin’s. All of this culminated in a pretty epic battle between Tabitha and Grundy in the ring, one where Grundy briefly realized his true identity and Tabitha right before getting knocked out. Then, Firefly showed up and ruined the whole party — technically, the Sirens had completed the mission of extracting Penguin from the group, but they didn’t quite do it at a pace in which Oswald was altogether comfortable with.

Firefly was clearly happy to make the whole place burn, but one person stopped her: Lee. From here, she then proceeded to accuse the Narrows’ club owner (Cherry) of selling them all out to the Penguin … and then Barbara shot Cherry in the head and announced that she and the Sirens were done working with Oswald. That changed quickly!

In the aftermath of this battle Oswald learned that he had been betrayed. Meanwhile, Lee found herself the accidental leader of the Narrows because she was the one who managed to defeat Cherry in a battle of wits.

Jim’s promotion plan

Apparently, the GCPD (plus Sofia Falcone) is looking to get Gordon into a higher position in the department. He could be Captain Gordon soon, but in doing so, it would screw over Harvey Bullock.

Is Jim really interested in hurting his friend? Not so much. However, what complicates this is that he knows that Harvey is not necessarily Captain material. Jim did end up accepting the promotion — it may have been the right thing for the GCPD to have a stronger leader, but it may have been the final straw for the Gordon / Bullock friendship. These one-time partners are now seemingly at odds and it’s not getting better anytime soon.

At the end of the episode Sofia Falcone paid the new Captain a visit, and what we saw from there was a pretty heated conversation. Jim was starting to realize that while working with Sofia had its benefits, it also came at a cost — severing his friendship with Harvey.

CarterMatt Verdict

This episode did a lot of really cool stuff, and with that we ended up seeing the show make some big progression — especially with the Gordon character. Was it a little strange to spend a time of time watching Penguin try to befriend a young boy? Sure, mostly because that didn’t seem to matter all that much.

Overall, this proved to be one of the stronger episodes of the entire season. There was a lot of fun to be had over the course of the hour.

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