Law & Order: SVU season 19 episode 6 review: Rehab in ruins

SVU season 19 episode 6If there is one place where people should feel as though they are safe and protected, it’s rehab. This is where people go in hopes of trying to recover and move forward in their lives.

Unfortunately on Law & Order: SVU season 19 episode 6 we saw a rehab center that could be involved in a pretty terrible case. At the center of it was the disappearance of a woman named Natalie, someone who was later found dead. She was two months pregnant at her time of death, and there were certainly questions aplenty regarding how that happened, let alone what happened leading up to her death.

She was the daughter of super-wealthy parents who was brought to a rehab place for the rich and famous. This was a clinic that took on a wide array of different young women, and at times was rather ruthless in the way in which they tend to bring people in.

Yet, simultaneously this is a rehab center that claims that they are secure and would not allow anyone to sexually abuse Natalie, but something was still amiss. They had settled with a previous patient out of court, and they weren’t altogether interested in passing over her records.

Let’s just say that this was a case very much going to court — and put into Barba’s hands.

Rollins’ big move

As a means to better understand what was really going on at this rehab center Amanda determined that she wanted to go undercover. While there she figured that something was amiss, and then the SVU team was able to figure out what that was: Ties between the rehab center and a sober living facility.

Basically, this rehab center was setting up a racket: Patients would get cured, sent over to sober living, and those patients were intentionally set up to fail. Patients like Natalie ended up going there, having sex with the terrible dude running it (Anthony) in exchange for drugs, and going back to rehab. It took a lot of work to fully connect Anthony to the rehab center directly, but some video footage did the trick.

It looked like the squad was starting to get everything together, but the end of the episode was somewhat shocking. After all, we learned that the woman who brought Rollins in for her “job,” the one good person supposedly in the rehab, ended up shooting up the doctor responsible for the chaos.

The Sheila story

At one point in the episode Brooke Shields’ character returned, and with that met up with Benson and talked through some of what she was going through. It feels pretty clear that she was having a hard time dealing with both her daughter’s death and also the perception that she was a bad mother. Benson had to do what she could in order to console her, but it wasn’t all that easy.

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