Chicago PD season 5 episode 6 review: Ruzek’s shocking decision

Chicago Pd season 6 episode 5Chicago PD season 5 episode 6 represents what could end up being a significant turning of the tide for Intelligence as we know it.

For most of the season, there has been a very watchful eye on Hank Voight’s unit from a wide array of different sources. We have the public looking on for possible police corruption and a wide array of other possible crimes — this is the sort of microscope that most working within the police world (at this point in history) are used to.

From here though, things are about to get way more interesting because of the Ruzek cliffhanger at the end of the episode. Denny Woods has dirt on him, and is more than capable of making his life a living hell. With that, Ruzek is going to find himself in a rough spot: He now has to become the mole, the man responsible for seemingly ratting out his other allies in the police department. We’ve got a feeling that this is an impossible decision for him — he needs this job and yet, he cares about Voight and Intelligence. He doesn’t want to do anything to hurt them and has little choice in the matter.

His story, at least at the moment, is the one worth watching for!

As for the present…

Be concerned for Hailey Upton and how she’s feeling in the aftermath of Vice Sergeant McGrady’s death. It’s not so much the fact that he died in the midst of the super-violent case this week; it’s instead the decision by her and Voight to cover up his own culpability in what happened and to allow someone else to take the fall.

Hailey is (for the most part) a by-the-book cop and you could view her deciding to take Voight’s guidence on this as her breaking-bad sort of moment. Yet, is she doing this for the greater good? In keeping McGrady’s involvement in the case a secret (by the way, it was McGrady’s past actions that caused her not to like him in the first place) he gets to die a hero. Therefore, the Chicago PD comes off much better than they would have otherwise and his family is none the wiser.

There are a number of good cops in the city; with that, they want the public perception in the city to be that the cops are still there to help. People, (especially in this current climate) don’t tend to view things in shades of gray. If one cop is dirty, all cops are dirty. If one is good — well, they don’t view every cop as good, but it gives them more of a chance.

CarterMatt Verdict

It was good to see a little more of Wendell Pierce in this episode, especially since his scenes with Jason Beghe have been pretty dynamite so far. This episode was a great one for Tracy Spiridakos and also sets the table to give the Ruzek character his best material of the season.

All in all, this was an episode mostly about establishing a reasonably-new character (Upton) while setting the stage for the future.

What did you think about Chicago PD season 5 episode 6?

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