Chicago PD postmortem: Tracy Spiridakos on Voight, Upton’s decision, Upwater ‘ship

Chicago PD season 5 episode 6On Wednesday night Chicago PD brought you the most powerful Hailey Upton storyline to date. Tracy Spiridakos’ character likes to follow the letter of the law, but when it came to the death of Vice Sergeant Sean McGrady she ended up facing a far more difficult choice — do you out the man for his many misdeeds, or do you chose to cover those up?

With Voight’s encouragement, she opted to bury the truth surrounding his past. With that, his loved ones could think of him as the sort of cop the City of Chicago could be proud of. It may not have been right, but there was little reason to inflict more pain on McGrady’s family with him gone. Intelligence still found a way to get justice, and attached it to a different person who, (in their mind) needed to be off the street.

So what’s the relationship between Voight and Upton going to be like after making this mutual decision? Spiridakos touched on that recently with CarterMatt during our time at One Chicago Day, making it clear that this mutual secret actually help the two of them bond:

“I think [because] she confides in Voight they develop a strong appreciation for each other. In sharing what her fears and her obstacles were in this whole situation, I think they’ve bonded. Before it was just ‘he’s her boss,’ but now there’s a friendship there.”

Hopefully, this is a friendship we’ll see play out in some interesting ways over time this season.

What about Upton’s romantic life?

Of course we had to ask about Upwater!. We’ve long supported the idea of an Upton / Atwater pairing on the show, especially since it would be great to give these two characters something exciting and different than what we’ve seen before.

So, is Spiridakos all for it? It certainly seems that way! Her words in response to the idea were “sure, let’s do it,” and some encouragement to talk it over with showrunner Rick Eid. (For the record we did discuss the idea with Eid, and we will post his response on CarterMatt tomorrow.) If it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen — but the idea is at least out there in the universe.

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