Grey’s Anatomy season 14 episode 7 video: Cristina – George callbacks and more

Grey's Anatomy season 14Grey’s Anatomy season 14 episode 7 is going to force some characters to reminisce — what better way to celebrate 300 episodes?

In the first sneak peek video for this episode that CarterMatt has for you below, you can get a good sense as to precisely what we are talking about here. In this clip, you see the end result of an amusement park accident where Meredith and Alex are out in the field, desperate to do their part in order to help some patients in need. What they discover along the way is something that they never saw coming — two of their patients bear an extremely strong resemblance to Cristina and George! This is a big deal for the two of them for some pretty obvious reasons, namely that these two were a huge part of the show for so many years and you want them involved in some shape or form.

Would we have preferred seeing T.R. Knight and Sandra Oh back on the show? Absolutely, but sometimes you just have to take what you get. These characters do inhabit some of the original Cristina and George’s personality traits.

For those wondering about Izzie, have no fear — despite whatever sort of relationship may be there between Katherine Heigl and the show you will see a similar sort of echo for this character during the episode. We still want to see the actual Izzie on the show again before it’s over, but that’s probably just wishful thinking.

Things with Owen are getting awkward

In the second sneak peek, you can see that things are heating up at the moment between Owen and Andrew’s sister Carina — the video speaks for itself in that instance. Where things get a little more awkward is when Amelia walks in on the two of them and this should really indicate to her that she should knock before coming in. It’s just always a good idea in general.

Is Amelia hurt by seeing the two of them together? It’s possible, but you also have to remember that she’s also moved on and these two are just trying to live their lives now. So long as they both find some element of happiness, isn’t that what really matters in the end? We think that this is what they’re really working towards.

For our money, we’re rooting for Owen and Teddy at this point if he’s not ending up with Amelia — we already know that Teddy cares for him on a deeper level. The problem there is not knowing just how long Kim Raver is going to be around.

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