Major Crimes: Sanctuary City Part 3 synopsis gives little detail as to what is to come

Major Crimes season 6After last night’s episode, we have many questions about the latest crime to occupy the squad’s minds in TNT’s Major Crimes. In fact, even the promo didn’t give too much away along with Sanctuary City Part 3 synopsis that CarterMatt has for you below.

“As Major Crimes continues to search for the remaining St. Joseph’s Three, Sharon finds her personal life threatening her career.”

The only interesting part of the synopsis is that we are finally getting into the internal struggle we have been waiting for in regards to Mary McDonnell’s Commander Sharon Raydor. It was first teased before the season 6 premiere (by creator James Duff) that Sharon would attempt to stop her wedding to Lieutenant Andy Flynn, but for reasons we could only guess. Now it seems that we will find out if our theories were correct.

We aren’t saying this should overshadow the case of the St. Joseph’s Three, but after two parts dedicated to specifically detailing the case, it will be great to see the personal lives of the characters we have grown to care for over the years. After all, Sharon and Andy’s wedding is set to air during Part 5 of Sanctuary City. So as far as Sharon’s personal life threatening her career, what does this mean?

Well it could be because a number of things. For one, this isn’t her first marriage and it’s not her first time marrying someone who struggled with addiction. With these facts, she could be attempting to stop her wedding because of the pain she once suffered from it all. What’s the saying – it’s easier said than done? She wants to marry Andy, it’s obvious she loves him, but sometimes being reminded of pain is enough to make you question something you are sure about. So because of this internal battle, it could keep her preoccupied and distracted from the case at hand.

Another option is something we have mentioned previously and that’s this case and it’s connection to the church. Sharon wants to be married in the Catholic Church, it was the whole reason Andy went through with annulment from his first wife, Sandra, and the fact that this case is testing her faith, could make her second guess everything else in her life. This includes her fast-approaching wedding to Andy. When people question their life, people freak out and Sharon’s attempt to stop her wedding could simple be a reaction to her faith being shaken. We know the church was there for her when her first marriage was falling apart and when Jack left. She leaned on the church and now she can’t. It’s normal thing to do, and in a weird way, we can’t wait to see how Sharon will handle this.

We know James Duff has stated that there are some scenes coming up that will showcase the talent that is 2-time Oscar nominee Mary McDonnell, so is this one of those instances? Perhaps. Either way, it is Tuesday yet?

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