Major Crimes: Sanctuary City Part 2 gives more questions than answers

Major Crimes season 6The squad continued their search for the St. Joseph’s Three with little success tonight on Major CrimesAs we suspected, this episode picked up right where last week’s left off. The team gathered around to hear Kendall say the death was most likely natural causes, suspicion of the priests at St. Joseph’s grew, especially since the boy was found in the flower bed of the church. At the morgue, Dr. Morales stated it was natural causes from diabetes (for now), but wanted to run more tests after a particular odor was found on his clothes. The first five minutes of the episode lead us to believe that we would get some answers, however, part 2 of this episode arc only left us more questions.

Father Jonas has become the top suspect for the squad because he had a close and “intense” relationships with the three boys (and with Ryan in particular). Father Jonas even showed himself to be close with Ryan’s mother. However, what put him on the radar as a suspect was that fact that the team discovered Father Jonas has been shuffled around from parish to parish, a big indicator that he is involved with sexual assault. The episode ended with the squad discovering Father Jonas had left the country.

Another question that was added to the mystery is how does Marvin Garret and his daughter, (Kelly) fit into all this? The FBI joined the team for the case and the only criminal evidence found on him was that he is the administrator for a website that wants to get rid of minorities. However, the team didn’t expand on him as a suspect during tonight’s episode. This left fans wondering if the squad would perhaps revisit him next week?

Also, added to the list of suspects is Ian Nunez, (Ryan’s biological father) whose name keeps coming up in relation with Ryan and the death of Ryan’s stepfather. During an interview with Father Jonas, it was suggested that the boys helped kill Ryan’s abusive stepfather. Again, the team is getting quite a few suspects, but not any evidence.

On the home front, Sharon continues to grapple with the fact that a place near and dear to her heart is looking more and more guilty. During the episode, Sharon asks Father Stan to give the LAPD their trust. She has a great line during this scene that goes, “I have put so much faith in the Catholic Church, that I would ask the Church put just a little faith in me.” It’s truly great line because it sums up how difficult this case is and how much this case hits home for Sharon. Unfortunately, by the hour’s end, Sharon must face the fact that the Church is definitely hiding something and that she must push back against them. This was shown when she walked into the priests’ residence with a warrant, after Father Stan asked for her to be on his side.

The only story that made any real progress was Rusty’s. During the premiere, it was mentioned that people in connection with Philip Stroh’s past were being killed and while Rusty doesn’t need intense protection, he does need something. Rusty wants to be able to protect himself and in tonight’s episode he revealed to Andy, (in order to help convince Sharon) that he wants a permit to carry and conceal a gun. Surprisingly, Sharon agreed that Rusty makes sense, so she scheduled a time for him to practice holding and firing a weapon. It wasn’t a major step, but it was a step, which more than we can say about the squad’s case.

CarterMatt verdict

Overall, tonight’s episode was filled with great performances by the cast, however, we wish we had been given more answers. We understand the case needs to extend over five parts, but tonight’s episode only made us more confused as to who did it. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it felt like some sort of satisfaction was missing. One thing that could have helped with this, would have been to give hints as to what Sharon’s worry is about her wedding. We know that she is going to try and stop her wedding, but why? Could it be that there were small moments when Sharon looked like she was going to pass out? Maybe, but nothing about the characters’ lives have been shown outside the case, which for many fans is a little disappointing.

What we do know is Major Crimes returns next Tuesday at 9 p.m. so hopefully we might start to get some answers.

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