The Flash season 4 episode 5 review: Barry gets drunk; Caitlin gets frosty

Iris' bachelorette partyThe Flash season 4 episode 5 from the get-go proposed to be all sorts of fun. After all, “Girls Night Out” promised to give you bachelorette and bachelor parties — and also the first appearance of Katee Sackhoff as Amunet Black!

Beyond just that, we also had Felicity Smoak coming out from Star City just for the celebration — she, Iris West, Cecile, and a somewhat-reluctant Caitlin Snow all decided to take part. Why was she reluctant? Well, it has a thing or two to do with Killer Frost and an element of her past that she was desperate to bury.

Right in the middle of their bachelorette party dinner we saw one of Amunet’s main stooges get himself involved in the mess. Party officially ruined! Caitlin was forced to become Killer Frost in order to stop the guy, and from there, she decided to pay her old boss a visit — with Iris and her bachelorette party guests teaming up with her.

The funny thing about Amunet is that, (following the Doctor Who reference earlier in the episode) she actually was a little reminiscent of The Doctor with her “kidneys” comment and her accent. This was a very different side of Sackhoff than we were expecting! Killer Frost found herself doing another mission for her, and in the process we learned about how their arrangement came about. Caitlin went to Amunet to be able to control her evil alter ego, but in the process found herself picked up as a hired gun.

Unfortunately, what Frost didn’t realize was that her “mission” was actually just her being led to Amunet, who was ready to kill her on a rooftop. Were it not for the cops showing up, she would’ve finished the job. Iris was able to bring Killer Frost back to STAR Labs, where she could become Caitlin again; in turn, Caitlin admitted that she thought she could control Killer Frost and was wrong. By her money, she never should have come back.

The ladies’ new mission

There was one other matter beyond just Amunet that needed to be taken care of — helping a metahuman that she was holding hostage, one whose tears could be used as an addictive drug. (Basically this is the saddest version of the Wonder Twins ever.) Iris and company had no interest in letting her get away with this.

The journey to get to this metahuman called the Weeper led to a showdown between the ladies and Amunet like no other — Caitlin became Killer Frost once more, and this time around, the good guys (or at least the good guys and a woman named Killer Frost) managed to take down her operation.

Is Amunet dead? Not exactly, but she was defeated for now. Odds are, she’ll be back at some point down the road.

Barry’s drunken escapades & more

Barry, Cisco, Joe, and Harry found themselves preparing for a fun, super-chill night at home — apparently watching home movies and preparing for a steak dinner — when they were visited by a rather unwelcome person: Ralph Dibny. He claimed that he had the perfect place for all of them to hang out to celebrate this wonderful occasion: A “dancing” club. (Basically, the CW version of a strip club.) There were many awkward moments here, starting with Barry getting drunk on Cisco’s magical elixir and screaming “I’m the Flash!” in the middle of the club! Drunk Barry may be the best Barry in between professing his love of chicken wings and also trying to understand the ending of Titanic.

Then, there was the issue of Cecile’s daughter turning out to be one of the dancers at the club, even if it turned out that she was there for book research. They had a heart-to-heart about it, but unfortunately Dibny was so focused on causing chaos that everyone found themselves arrested. Barry spent some time in jail with the rest of the guys, but somehow managed to make it out of there in one piece.

Big moments at the end

Caitlin is going to be Iris’ Maid of Honor! Unfortunately, the Weeper didn’t exactly have a happy end to his story — he ran into the Thinker, who was out in the field for the first time.

CarterMatt Verdict

Tonight’s episode of The Flash was a strange one, mostly because it wasn’t necessarily The Flash at all. Barry didn’t suit up once in the entire episode! While “Girls Night Out” isn’t an episode we’d want to see every week there was something entertaining about seeing stories from alternate point of views and also focusing on subplots like Joe’s fears of being a father again near the age of 50.

This was a very good, heartfelt episode — maybe it’ll be polarizing, but this was a great, necessary hour of the show.

What’s coming up on The Flash season 4 episode 6?

Head over to the link here! This is going to be a huge episode for Harrison Wells, so you better be prepared for that.

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