Blue Bloods season 8: Amy Carlson open to returning

Blue Bloods season 8

After being reasonably quiet for some time regarding her Blue Bloods departure, Amy Carlson is finally starting to open.

Carlson made a few comments earlier this week regarding her big farewell from the show, but in her first in-depth interview with Deadline, she made it clear that while she did decide to leave the show, she didn’t anticipate that her character would be killed in the way that she was without fans getting much in the way of closure. As a result of that, she would be open to coming back at some point down the road:

“I think it’s been hard on the fans. I never wanted it to end that way, so I feel sad for the fans because everyone wants closure, and I hear that a lot from the fans. So of course I’d be open to that. Sure.”

Meanwhile, Carlson explained more of what she would have done differently to write her character of Linda Reagan off of the show:

“I could’ve shown the death. I guess It would’ve been nice for the fans to see her demise, to be a participant in it, and that was my vote for the fans. I’m not sure how I would’ve chosen it but I just know that for the fans to have a way to grieve, to move through it, I think it would’ve been nice for them. That’s just what I hear from them all the time, ‘we really want you to come back’, and I’m like, that’s impossible. But they also say we wish we could’ve mourned the character.”

Ultimately, closure is an important thing for many people in life and the Blue Bloods season 8 premiere didn’t offer up many opportunities for that. The best way to think about it is like this: Part of the big appeal with Blue Bloods is that these characters are family, and when one of these characters does leave it’s like part of the family is gone. You have to give viewers a chance to cope with what has transpired, and the revelation of Linda’s death was so sudden and shocking. It’s something that Danny Reagan (and the other characters) are still working through.

The one thing CarterMatt will say is that Blue Bloods probably did have to kill Linda off — there was no other way to explain her absence given that she is such a huge part of the story and the Reagan family. You can’t remove her without some sort of reasonable explanation — nobody would buy Linda leaving her family and never speaking to them again — so killing the character was the only choice.

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