Game of Thrones season 8 will still have the Night’s Watch in some form

Night's WatchGame of Thrones ended last season with a big cliffhanger related to the Night’s Watch. After all, an Ice Dragon came and basically destroyed the Wall as we knew it! It would be understandable if you were to assume that everyone there is dead, never to been seen or heard from again.

Here is the good news: You will get a chance to see some members of the Night’s Watch once more. Their watch has not ended … at least for some of them.

This news was confirmed in a Chronicle Live interview by actor Ben Crompton, who is responsible for playing the part of Lord Commander Eddison Tollett. He made it clear that the Night’s Watch is technically still out there, so this is one group you can still count on appearing (in some state) when season 8 begins most likely in early 2019.

Beyond just their return though, a better question would be precisely how many of them are left by the time you reach the end of the season? This is a show that is wrapping up everyone at the wall (especially since it’s purpose is effectively over now), but CarterMatt is thinking that we will be seeing a skeleton crew still trying to defeat the White Walkers. There are only six episodes to go in the series and HBO is being so secretive about them, that even the actors aren’t allowed to look at some of the scripts beyond a designated area. This is by far, the most secretive we’ve seen a show be about their story in quite some time. It rivals the end of Lost, another show that kept everything under a heavy lock and key. To be fair, these networks have a lot riding on these series and their success, so it does make some sense why they would want to keep things as hush-hush as humanly possible – especially with a show as expensive as this one is to make.

The big challenge for Game of Thrones is going to just be keeping these secrets for what is going to be an incredibly long period of time. We’re looking at a wait of more than a year and while we know people with scripts are only those who need to know, the poor folks in production are probably going to have to deal with more spoiler-hounds than ever.

For now … are you glad the Night’s Watch is still around in some form?

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