The Librarians: Season 4 will premiere on Dec 13

The LibrariansTNT’s original series, The Librarianswill be back on our screens before we know it, with TNT releasing the first look at Season 4 (which CarterMatt has for you to take a look at below). Before we dive deeper into the promo for the next season, let’s take a look at an over all synopsis for what’s coming up:

“In this season of The Librarians, our heroes embark on new, action-packed adventures, risking their lives once again to save the world. They face off against Santa’s brother the Patron Saint of Thieves, try to save a town plagued by ghosts from the Civil War, battle a casino that steals luck, endure a body switching fiasco and join forces with a time traveling Librarian from the past. But their greatest challenge will come from within the Library itself. With Charlene no longer tethered to the Library, which keeps it grounded to humanity, one Librarian and one Guardian must step up and take the mantle. As Jenkins organizes the Tethering Ceremony, the high ritual that will bond the pair to the Library forever, thus granting them immortality, Flynn and Baird seem poised to make this sacrifice. Until a woman from Flynn’s past reveals herself to be one of the Library’s dirty little secrets.

Confronted with a dark mystery about the Library, every Librarian must ask themselves some tough questions: Is the Library itself good or evil? After millennia of one Librarian at a time, is it dangerous to have multiple Librarians working together? Can a Librarian ever live a “normal” life filled with love, friends and family? The Librarians have a lot of research to do, but this time, they’ll need to find the answers inside themselves without any books or prophecies.”

It certainly seems that this season is jam-packed with lots of great adventures ahead. However, the most interesting and exciting new storyline for the upcoming season is the woman from Flynn’s past who says that she is the Library’s dirty little secret. Based on the synopsis, she is definitely going to cause a stir among the group, especially since Flynn and Baird have prepared to take the sacrifice. It’s no doubt going to cause problems because the duo are in the mindset that they are ready and then something happens to disturb that. It’s a great twist for the series because now there’s potential for internal conflict.

The other part of this synopsis that is intriguing are the various questions poised at the end. It would great for the series to give the fans the answers to these questions because they have probably already been asked by fans before. Now with the Tethering Ceremony and the potential for immorality, it could make the others question their lives and what could have been. It will be interesting to see how everything will work out.

We can’t wait for December 13th!

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