NCIS season 15 episode 7 video: A big Mark Harmon sneak peek

Mark HarmonWhen NCIS season 15 episode 7 airs on Tuesday night, there will be a very important story featuring Mark Harmon.

What Gibbs and the rest of the NCIS team are going to be up against here is a situation that is rather regrettable no matter how you slice it. The last thing that any law-enforcement agency wants to hear, (whether you are NCIS or someone else) is the idea that you may have botched an investigation. Yet, this is precisely what Gibbs is facing here as he and Vance are brought a case, (a ten-year old one involving both the NCIS and the FBI) that may require more investigation. This includes a new autopsy conducted by Ducky and an investigation that could require the team to go about it in a different way. Tobias Fornell (Joe Spano) will be returning for the episode, a move that makes some sense given his ties to the FBI.

CarterMatt does want to make one thing: While we’re sure that Gibbs doesn’t love cases that require him to have to take such a deep-dive into his past and see if there are any substantial mistakes that were made, this is very entertaining for us to write about. It’s important to remember when watching a show like NCIS that you are watching flawed characters doing their best to try and make things work. It’s reflective of real life law-enforcement agencies where they do often do their best to get the job done, but occasionally run into issues along the way since they are after all – human. What’s important is that every character on the show be held in some way accountable when those mistakes do come up.

What’s also important is for those questioning Gibbs and Vance to realize is that they want the same thing as many of the victims’ friends and family: They want justice. They don’t want any loose threads to be out there dangling in the wind. They recognize that finding ways to tie up every loose end is never altogether easy, so the do the best job they can with the tools given to them.

Given that NCIS season 15 episode 7 is a new episode, we do anticipate that the case will have a completely new ending. Why introduce this case after so many years only for the story to then conclude in the same way in which it once did? Gibbs and his team should be smart enough to get to the bottom of what really happened here and we know the journey is going to be fun to watch.

What do you think about this NCIS season 15 episode 7 sneak peek?

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