Vice Principals season 2 episode 8: Gamby’s revenge on Lee Russell

Vice Principals season 2 episode 8Tonight, Vice Principals season 2 episode 8 brought us a little bit closer to the finale, and what a big finale it could end up being.

Tonight, we got a clear answer to one long-running question: How far was Neal Gamby willing to go in order to take the Principal job away from Lee Russell? The foundation for him making a move was laid out weeks ago. He got many of the teachers on his side, and tonight he used everyone from the cafeteria crew at the school to Lee’s own family in order to get enough dirt on him to take him down once and for all. The most damning piece of evidence that he found was an old diary of Lee’s, one that contained terrible secrets that would completely ruin what little reputation he had left. Lee does care greatly about what other people feel about him. He liked to be the nice guy during the first season of the show, and while he’s lost some of that this season, he has still kept up a part of the facade.

With the diary in tow, Neal basically blackmailed Lee in order to get him to resign from his principal position. While in the middle of the North Jackson prom, he brought the diary to Lee along with a resignation letter. Lee, who was truly vulnerable even to the point where we almost felt sorry for him (almost), signed it. He’s now done … or is he? It’s hard to rule him out.

For now though, Gamby seems to be able to take a victory lap for the time being. After all, he now has a chance to be with Amanda Snodgrass and feel like he’s cut the cancer out of the school.

Unfortunately, there’s one more episode left in the season … and to go along with that, Neal definitely has some skeletons in the closet. He may have a big heart, but at the same time he’s done PLENTY of terrible things and is very much guilty in a number of things he did with Lee. Do we need to remind you of everything related to Belinda Brown from the first season? Guilt only goes so far here, folks!

Vice Principals remains a very funny and super-creative show; while it may be at times too dark for its own good, we do like that the show has an unpredictable finale ahead where it’s hard to predict what could happen.

What did you think about Vice Principals season 2 episode 8, and where do you think the finale is going to take us? Share in the attached comments right now!

Also, take a look over here to preview the big finale, which is probably going to be, (somehow) even crazier than much of what we’ve seen through two seasons.

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