Vice Principals season 2 finale spoilers: If they lose, we still win

Vice Principals season 2 finaleThe Vice Principals season 2 finale — and by extension, the series finale for the HBO show — is airing next week. For those wondering, the show is not ending because of low ratings or anything of the sort. Danny McBride has an appreciation for some short-run comedy series, much like what we often see in the UK. This show was designed to be two seasons and that’s it — maybe the plan changes down the road, but for now, this is what you’re getting.

Given that there is so much to be resolved at the moment in regards to the story of Neal Gamby and Lee Russell, HBO is also not altogether keen on sharing details on the Vice Principals season 2 finale in advance. For the time being, all they’ve released is a very short synopsis that CarterMatt has for you saying “the school year comes to a startling end.”

Startling? Is that the best word to describe this? We’ve seen Gamby and Russell burn down Belinda Brown’s house, Russell torment a teacher in a bathroom, the teachers forced to do insane workout rituals, countless firings, a number of shouting matches, and North Jackson High appears to be in a constant state of disarray. It’s hard to fathom how the school is still standing at this point!

What’s also hard to figure out is if there is going to be a way in which someone likable actually finds a way to navigate North Jackson to a better, happier future on the other side of all of this. To date, all we’ve seen so far are constant reminders of how awful most of these characters are and it’s hard to hope for a better future for the school with Russell or Gamby around. Is Neal redeemable? We certainly know that Lee isn’t.

The reason we titled this article the way we did is fairly simple: No matter what happens in this finale, we win. This show is totally bizarre, but it’s also uproariously funny. No matter what happens the rest of the way on this series we’ve got a pretty good feeling that we will be laughing all the way to the end credits. This show intentionally makes the misery of some of its characters our joy.

Based on tonight’s episode…

We just have a hard time thinking that Lee is going to take that resignation lying down. Is that really his style?

What do you expect to see on the Vice Principals season 2 finale?

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