Is Lucifer season 3 entering bubble-show territory?

Lucifer season 3 cast photoOne of the things that we’re doing a little bit differently when it comes to our CarterMatt ratings discussion pieces is this: We’re getting ahead of the curve! Sometimes viewers need to be that way when they want to ensure that their favorite show gets another season, and at the moment we absolutely think that there is a need and a sense of urgency that should be had for Lucifer season 3.

Is the show in extremely-serious danger of getting canceled right now? Not necessarily, but this is a situation that does need to be addressed if fans want to ensure that the show remains on the air. It’s time to be proactive!

For right now, Lucifer season 3 is averaging (overall) a 0.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic, which is down a little over 12% versus the second season of the show. That’s not great, but it is also not altogether terrible, either. Typically shows that drop somewhere between 10-15% in the demo between seasons have a chance at coming back, provided of course that the ratings aren’t so far in the cellar that the show’s in some serious danger in the first place.

For Lucifer season 3, we’ve never quite thought that the show was in serious danger; however, it’s not on sure footing, either. At the moment the show is behind The Gifted, STAR, Lethal Weapon, and Empire in terms of Fox’s scripted dramas in the demo; it is slightly ahead of Gotham, but that is only one drama airing from Monday through Thursday that it has the leg up on. That’s not altogether great. (It’s ahead of The Exorcist, but with its current ratings we don’t see that show coming back.)

How can Lucifer get some more sure footing? Obviously watching live is a big part of that, but we would specifically encourage everyone out there streaming the show to give it a chance live, as well! We know that this show has an enormous streaming audience and it makes sense. There isn’t anything that happens per se here that makes it appointment television; with its light tone and sense of humor, it’s perfectly suited for escapism late at night when you don’t know what else you are going to watch. Yet, if there isn’t more viewers checking out live it may not make it to where there are more episodes to watch.

If nothing else, maybe an influx of viewers could help to aid Lucifer for when some of the inevitable drop-off comes near the end of the season. It happens with almost every show and therefore, we have to think it’s going to happen here. We’re worried for Lucifer; until there’s a slight bump up in the numbers, there’s very little reason to feel otherwise.

Do you want to see a Lucifer season 4 renewal happen?

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