Good Behavior season 2 episode 4 review: The weirdest Holiday Inn commercial ever

Good Behavior season 2 episode 4

Good Behavior season 2 episode 4 proved to be one heck of a crazy thrill ride. Who imagined going into this episode that you would have a story that revolved around the Holiday Inn Express, getting drunk on martinis, Rhonda Lashever trying to convince her lightning-traumatized partner “Agent Backup” to drive in a torrential thunderstorm, and then her ultimately deciding that sticking it to the FBI was more important than trying to take out Letty and Javier once and for all.

Was this episode one that made a whole lot of sense? Not necessarily. It was crazy, and at times it felt almost crazy for crazy’s sake. Yet, we have to say that this was nothing short of entertaining. It’s always fun to see Letty and Javier still somehow free. They don’t really have any business not being in jail be after everything that they’ve gone through.

Throughout the episode the two of them made a number of different attempts to try and escape Lashever. At one point, they tried to get Agent Backup (not a drinker) drunk in hopes of finding a way to steal the key from him. They actually did pull this off but an inopportune visit from the ever-courteous Holiday Inn Express manager caused her to be screwed over before the mission really got rolling. She found herself back in custody, almost as though nothing happened in the first place.

How she eventually managed to get out of this situation was largely through her working to convince Rhonda that she really didn’t need to be so preoccupied by her. She’s not the person that she really hated; instead, it was the FBI for continually treating her like dirt. Agent Backup did that at one point prior to him getting punched in the face by Christian. That, (by the way) was one of the funnier moments of the entire episode. Rhonda ended up blaming the escape on Backup, making the bureau look bad and her like the intrepid hero for still chasing after the two of them.

After eventually being let go, Letty then decided to pay a visit to Rob and Estelle’s in order to get her car back. She told Rob very smartly that Javier was in jail and had he didn’t make it out of custody okay. This enabled her to be able to go and hopefully not deal with any more targeting on the part of her mother. The Letty – Estelle relationship seems to be in tatters for the time being. It’s a very hard thing for someone like Estelle to convince Letty that she had her best intentions in mind when she basically set up Javier to be arrested in the first place.

CarterMatt Verdict

Good Behavior season 2 episode 4 was a lot of fun. We don’t know if it’s good publicity or bad publicity for Holiday Inn Express after seeing all of the messy stuff that happened there, but doesn’t matter. It’s pretty much what we want from the show at the moment, and it definitely features characters we want to root for. We don’t have any clue how in the world he is going to be able to ultimately escape law enforcement in the long term, but we’ll take this little bit of short-term success.

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