Supergirl season 3 episode 5 photo: The Alex – Maggie struggle

Alex - MaggieMrs. Carter: When Supergirl season 3 episode 5 airs on the CW Monday night, you better prepare for there to be some serious emotional scenes from some of our favorites.

Based on what CarterMatt has seen out there, this may be one of the most upsetting episodes of the entire season. For more evidence of this very thing, (especially when it comes to the relationship that exists between the characters of Alex and Maggie) you don’t have to look any further than the photo above.

Do we want to see the Alex – Maggie relationship continue? If this was the same relationship that we saw at the start of the year, the answer to that would be “absolutely.” These are two characters who clearly love one another and are ready for marriage. The main problem is what the two of them want after the marriage; the writers have put them in a position now where both characters are fairly set in their ways in terms of what they want, and in order for one of them to get it and for the two of them to stay together, someone is going to have to compromise. These two have been both set up as strong, powerful characters. There is no reason for them to suddenly change here given that the longer that you keep them together at this point, the harder the heartbreak is going to be.

While it’s not confirmed that Monday marks the end of the road for the Sanvers relationship, the majority of the evidence out there at present suggests that it will be.

If there is a reason for you to be upset about the state of things for Maggie and Alex, you can say that the writers didn’t necessarily have to bring these characters down this path. It makes sense for them to split up now given that they have things that are non-negotiable, but did these have to be introduced in the first place?

The primary issue with Sanvers stems back to something that happened over the summer with Floriana Lima deciding to leave the show and return only as a guest star. There is no guarantee after this first stretch of episodes that she will return; it’s possible that she will, but it’s hard for Supergirl or the team to bank on that. If they want Alex to move forward, they need to make decisions that afford her that opportunity. If she’s waiting for Maggie to return from whatever the writers have done to write her temporarily out of the story, there’s no way for her to do that.

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