The Last Post season 2 renewal: Will it happen on BBC One?

Last Post season 2Will The Last Post season 2 happen on BBC One? At the moment, the show’s immediate future appears to be somewhere up in the air.

The final episode of season 1 is set to air on the BBC tonight, and for the most part we would consider the show to be a relative success. It is securing more than 4 million live viewers weekly when you look at some of the ratings reports, and that is a pretty good performance for a scripted BBC series that’s not based on some sort of other property. Why wouldn’t the network love that? It is bringing in these numbers without a ton of huge big-name stars, and that alone shows that there could be a little bit of room for growth here.

To CarterMatt, Jessica Raine is the actress with the most name-recognition here of the group, so the viewers who are watching The Last Post are not necessarily doing it because there are familiar faces on it; rather, they’re doing it because they like the story and have an interest in seeing it play out. That is the sort of thing that can cause viewership to spread over time since everyone loves a good story!

As for whether or not all of this will translate to a season 2 renewal, that is going to be up to the network and the decisions they make. One of the interesting things about the BBC in general is that they don’t feel whole lot of pressure to renew shows and choose to operate at their own pace. They make decisions based on the programming they have coming up and also some other internal factors that don’t always have to do with UK ratings. For example, do they want to have shows on their schedule that have a great deal of the international appeal? In the case of The Last Post, that could be a little more challenging because British occupation in Yemen is not a chapter of history that many other people outside of Britain are all that familiar with. Look at that in contrast to some other historical shows or even a series like Call the Midwife, which is not based on anything so militaristic and has some themes and stories that are a little bit more universal. It may still be set in the past, but it is easier to relate to some of those stories.

There’s no specific timetable as to when a renewal or cancellation could be announced, but we anticipate that at some point in the next few months more news will start coming out. We just hope that one way or another, we learn more information on this show’s future far faster than we have with Grantchester. We’re still waiting on that.

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