Tiffany Haddish hosting Saturday Night Live; Taylor Swift performing

Ryan GoslingTiffany Haddish fans, rejoice! The comedian and actress is coming onto Saturday Night Live as the host next week!

We will be honest in saying that this gig is right up there with Kumail Nanjiani hosting when it comes to SNL pulling a name from the comedy circuit that we never imagined that they would. Haddish is super-popular among her fans, but how familiar is she to the mainstream? She was in Girls Trip so she does have some name value here.

The biggest reason she was chosen for the gig seems mostly to be due to a change at studio 8H, one that is apparently all about prioritizing great comedians and people with hosting potential rather than big-name stars. Kumail was great despite not being a household name for many, and we’re pretty sure Haddish will be the same. This is a move with comedy and quality in mind more so than just attracting viewers — SNL is the star at this point. (This almost makes up for the cancellation of The Carmichael Show … almost. We’re not over that yet.)

This show is one of those occasions in which the musical guest in Taylor Swift is far more well-known than the host. This happened with P!nk appearing on Kumail’s show, as well. Swift is the sort of musical guest who could easily appear in a sketch or two if she really wants to, but that’s going to be up to her and however high-production some of her performances are. The timing here makes a lot of sense given that Swift’s new album is coming out a little bit later this month and she’s got the potential to have the top-selling album of the entire year — this is a title that she’s certainly earned in the past.

Let’s close this story by saying this: If SNL continues this trend of giving us great comedians as hosts throughout the season, we’ve got a good feeling that this is going to be one of the best seasons yet with very few clunkers along the way. Anything to push the Russell Crowe and Donald Trump editions of the show out of our brain forever.

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