Will Absentia spoilers impact US ratings? Don’t count on it…

Absentia spoilersIn the midst of this almost-never-ending wait for a US premiere date for Absentiamany questions have bandied about. One of the biggest ones revolves around Absentia spoilers and the sheer abundance of them. If you go on Twitter and click on the hashtag, some minor ones will inevitably come up. You may be able to avoid some of the larger ones, at least provided that you don’t do an extreme amount of digging for them.

Should there be fears that Absentia spoilers and the sheer abundance of them out there will impact the ratings in America when it airs? Sure, given that we do live in such a spoiler-infested culture. It’s almost counter-intuitive in a way as well — if you have a good show, it’s great because you get people hooked on the your program. However, you don’t want them to be so hooked that they go online, look up spoilers, and then stop watching because they know what happened. There are some challenges there.

Do we think that the vast majority of the Absentia family all over the world has done a good job keeping spoilers at bay? Absolutely and we give them a lot of credit for their restraint. That will make the job easier for American viewers looking to view the Stana Katic series through fresh eyes.

Despite all of our concerns over launching the show in America months after other parts of the world, we actually think it’s okay — provided that the American network/streaming provider (whoever they may be) does a few things to insulate themselves.

1. A separate hashtag – You don’t want your viewers stumbling across spoilers from the show airing in other countries! Get your own community going and diehard fans can go and look at the other hashtags if they choose.

2. Good, continuous coverage – Post behind-the-scenes content and be sure to give American viewers reasons to want to watch these airings live and with friends and family. Make sure there are many outlets aware that the show is airing. Interactivity for a mystery like this is very much a good thing.

3. Have confidence in the show itself – Ultimately, do what you can, but don’t focus too much on the fact that the show’s already aired elsewhere. Downton Abbey and Victoria have both shown that international series can still perform well in the United States — piracy stinks, but we don’t think the majority of viewers want to watch a poor-quality illegally-downloaded version of a good show. They would rather wait and check it out in all of its glory.

Even shows like Game of Thrones have already proven that “leaked” episodes don’t have much of an impact on overall ratings — it’s a very tiny percentage of people who pirate. Just focus on your own promotion of the show and casual viewers will find it. This group is the silent majority of the internet; they aren’t the ones you hear about, but they are the ones who help carry the show.

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