Shameless season 8 video: William H. Macy on Frank’s new path

William H. MacyWhen we heard (going into Shameless season 8) that Frank Gallagher was going to have a new lease on life, we were concerned. This is not a man who takes on new leases on life; this is instead more of a man who just routinely finds ways to mess up the life he already has even more. Every now and then he does claim that he pivoting and that he has uncovered some new essence of enlightenment. Unfortunately, it tends to go up in smoke (sometimes literally) and we are left instead to head back to square one and wonder more of what could’ve been.

Based on what William H. Macy does say in the video CarterMatt has for you below this could be a Frank that actually is different! He may actually change! He may realize that there is no point in continuing to wallow in drugs and he has a chance to do something new.

The big turning point for Frank is the death of Monica. She was such a huge part of his life and an enabler of his many misdeeds. With her gone he is the only parent his family has; He may start him to realize that the time is right to start acting like one. He will get a job, he will try to be there for them, and he will try to be committed to a life without drugs. It may be the most noble attempt he’s made to be better and as a result of that, Macy claims that the transformation is almost disconcerting. Who is this strange man he is playing, and what in the world did he do with Frank?

For those of you who do think the old Frank will come out, Macy is right there with you — it’s pretty likely that he will turn up before the season is over. The problem is that people often don’t change much once they get to a certain point in life, and it feels safe to say that Frank has reached that point. He is really going to have to put in the work if he wants this new version of himself to be permanent, and putting in work is not this man’s forte.

Shameless season 8 premieres on Showtime Sunday night.

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