A Shadowhunters season 3 filming progress report + Malec teases

Shadowhunters season 3 filmingShadowhunters season 3 filming is going strong in the Toronto area, and if you want some more news look no further РCarterMatt is here to hook you up!

In a recent post on Twitter show executive producer Todd Slavkin was kind enough to discuss a couple of different things, starting with where the Freeform hit is when it comes to production as of this very moment. As of this past week the show was filming the sixth episode of the third season, and they may be a little bit further along in the story at this point. Meanwhile, there is some work being finalized now on some of the first episodes of the season while 3×04 and 3×05 are going through the editing process. This timeline is rather useful when it comes to showing you just how much work goes into the show. Basically, Slavkin is talking about eight different episodes that are being worked on at the same time and that is without even getting into some of the ones that are being written at the moment.

Given that production is this far along in the filming process, why is the show premiering in April rather than January? Clearly, Freeform thinks that the show airs better for them later in the year.

Slavkin has handed down a couple of other teases related to Malec — the first one gives you a few assorted teases of what’s coming for them, even if we’re just speaking in a thematic sense. Meanwhile, the second offers up a little bit more insight regarding some of Magnus’ history. As we’ve noted a few times already, we imagine that we will see a more evolved version of the Magnus – Alec relationship in season 3. They’ve already went through hell and come close to losing each other; we like to think there is more of a commitment there than there used to be and some of the relationship drama can now be moved over to the relationship between Clary and Jace. These two are the newbies on the block when it comes to their feelings and they have a lot they have to sort through. They don’t really know each other on a romantic level all that well just yet. (For more on that be sure to check out our CarterMatt ‘Shiptober piece on Clace from last month over at the link here.)

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