Shadowhunters season 3: Expect plenty of Clace, Malec scenes

Shadowhunters season 3 spoilersMrs. Carter: Do you consider yourself a Clace or a Malec ‘shipper ahead of Shadowhunters season 3?

If you answer that question with a “yes” to either one of them, we have a feeling that you will be rather pleased with what is coming up on the Freeform drama. In a new series of posts on Twitter over this past week (we tend to publish off-season Shadowhunters articles on Mondays), executive producer Todd Slavkin made it clear that there is plenty of Clace and Malec content coming your way on the season to come.

Does this make sense given where season 2 left off for the two pairings? Absolutely, and we would personally like to see seasons coming up that focus more on serious relationships rather than will-they-or-won’t-they drama. It can be rather easy sometimes to steer some of these romantic storylines into the curb, thinking that you need breakups for both Clace and Malec to give them drama. Yet, why does it have to be that way?

In the case of Clary and Jace, they obviously will have some bumps in the road — yet, at the same time they’ve also gone through so much from the very beginning of the series that there is some significant story logic to keeping them together. They went through so much just to be in a position where they could be together, so they would be completely ridiculous to want to risk this relationship falling apart now. We just want to see the two of them acting like an ordinary dating couple … plus also plenty of butt-kicking, training, and everything else that comes with being a Shadowhunter. With a show like this, you often do have to mix the ordinary and the extraordinary.

As for Magnus and Alec, they are a little bit further along in their relationship, really to the point where small things aren’t going to cause them any real peril. With that said, why not try to explore a larger commitment? We’d be very curious to see what a Malec wedding would look like within the context of everything going on in the show, and it would be a huge testament to seeing how two people from very different walks of life manage to come together. (The challenge is here is that with that one wedding kiss already out there, these two are going to have a tough time finding a way to top that.)

Shadowhunters season 3 is currently underway in Toronto, with the show gearing up to premiere on Freeform at some point in early 2018. (More than likely, it will be January.) As we do inch ever closer to that premiere date, our plan is to offer up all the more insight when it comes to the show and the key relationships.

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