‘Shiptober: Shadowhunters season 3 and the future of Clace

ClaceMrs. Carter: Is Shadowhunters season 3 going to be a revelatory one for Clace, or will Jace and Clary find themselves backsliding?

The biggest thing that we know going into this season right now is that Clace, at least, has a chance of being a stable, successful couple — this is something that didn’t seem possible for either character entering season 2. They were unaware of his lineage, the feelings were complicated (to say the least), and there were certainly other priorities out there.

Now, things couldn’t be any more night-and-day. There is nothing holding either party back from being able to embrace their feelings, and the two did have some nice moments together near the end of season 2. It feels like they’ll be entering season 3 (premiering this April on Freeform) in a place where they can be more of a normal couple, or as normal as they can get, all things considered.

It’s with this in mind that the first thing we suggest to the Shadowhunters producers for season 3 — as a part of our latest CarterMatt ‘Shiptober piece  — is rather simple: Allow the two of them to have some normal-couple moments. Show what an everyday date for Clace is like, or what the two parties are going to be like trying to handle their relationship while also working together. That’s a very difficult balancing act for any couple, let alone ones who are Shadowhunters and carry the weight of the world on their shoulders.

While we do want to see the two happy, we also need a little bit of conflict here and there! Katherine McNamara and Dominic Sherwood deserve the chance to take on some challenging material that allows them to showcase a wide array of emotions — plus, the couple in conflict will also last longer than the couple without any conflict. You want people, in the end, to be able to speak their mind and work through issues. They’re going to have that more than likely throughout the season.

The biggest thing helping Clace

It has to be the support system! Clary has a father figure in Luke who could be there as a source of advice, while Jace also has plenty of his own friends who could help him talk through issues. The reason why this relationship could be built to last is that they know that when things get tough, they’ll have people to lean on. That could take a little bit of the pressure off of them, which could be very much a good thing and help them in the long run.

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