Could a Gunpowder season 2 happen with Kit Harington, cast?

Gunpowder season 2

Is it possible that we could see a Gunpowder season 2 at some point in the future? The Kit Harington series certainly has buzz and there’s a good reason for that — it’s Kit Harington! The show has attracted buyers around the world and it was recently announced that HBO, (home of Game of Thrones) will broadcast the BBC series in America later this year.

While the show is visually and creatively a success story, at the same time you shouldn’t count on a season 2 happening — mostly for one simple reason: This Guy Fawkes story was always conceived to be just a three-part limited series event! There is a firm conclusion to this story and with that, no real way to continue with the current cast of characters. If you really wanted to continue it perhaps there is a way to push the story forward with some other characters within this world, but that is really it … not that there is a huge incentive for the BBC to do that for a number of different reasons.

Let’s start with this: For as great as Gunpowder may be to some people, this is a show that did slip hard in some of the ratings for episode 2 amidst complaints that many of the characters were difficult to understand. This is almost a closed-caption-necessary series where there are too many characters who mumble. This is actually a bit of a problem for the BBC in general; we’re not sure if there is something off with the sound mixing or if the directors on the scene are asking for a specific level of performance unaware that the sound isn’t right when effects and music are added later.

Beyond just this, the BBC is not a network that tends to bank hard on building franchises in the first place. They are more than content to just allow limited series to be just that — they will move on to the next one without a problem knowing full well that there are many interesting stories that they have in development. CarterMatt is certain that they would work with Harington again, and maybe the best thing he could do is come up with a new concept and then pitch that project until it becomes a reality. With Game of Thrones ending soon it does certainly appear as though he will have more time in his schedule.

What do you think a Gunpowder season 2 could look like, provided that it somehow happens?

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