Crossover November: Why hasn’t NCIS, Criminal Minds crossover happened?

Criminal Minds crossoverNCIS and Criminal Minds are two of the longest-running series on television. In terms of scripted prime-time dramas, NCIS is behind only Law & Order: SVU at the moment. Meanwhile, Criminal Minds is up there, but also behind Grey’s Anatomy.

Our point here is that these are two shows that have been around for ages, they both are on the same network (CBS), and yet neither show has done a crossover with the other despite that they both film in Los Angeles and logistically, it would make sense for NCIS and the BAU to work together at some point. The fan enthusiasm is certainly there — we’ve seen numerous fan fiction stories putting the shows together and we feel like the cast members are friendly with each other thanks to press junkets and upfronts over the years.

So … why not make an NCIS – Criminal Minds crossover happen? Why not stage an epic case in which the two organizations work together in order to stop a singular threat? The BAU can help NCIS profile someone, and with the BAU’s resources (otherwise known as the jet) the two teams can work together to take someone down. It makes perfect sense!

Ultimately, we do think there are a few different reasons why it hasn’t happened. Our latest chapter of our ongoing CarterMatt Crossover November series is all about that.

Studio conflicts – NCIS is strictly a CBS TV Studios production, whereas Criminal Minds has ABC Studios involved. While this does not necessarily render a collaboration impossible, it does make matters more challenging. You have to get cooks in different kitchens to work together and they often won’t unless the incentive is clear.

Different nights – Crossovers work best if they can air one right after the other. Unfortunately, Criminal Minds airs at 10:00 p.m. on Wednesdays and there may be concern about whether or not viewers watch both shows and even some understanding of what is going on.

NCIS has plenty of crossover potential already – Remember that it’s done a crossover with NCIS: New Orleans on a near-annual basis at this point. There is potential still to do some with NCIS: Los Angeles, even though there’ve been some complicated reasons why it hasn’t happened over the years.

Scheduling – This is probably the biggest reason. It’s just complicated to get two shows on the same page! Effectively, you’re having to get cast members to do almost double the work on two different shows at the same time and the TV industry already requires people to work long hours. Networks need a huge reason to make it happen; while there may be some enthusiasm around the idea of an NCIS Criminal Minds crossover, that may not be enough of a reason per se.

Do you want to see an NCIS – Criminal Minds crossover happen?

To go along with that, what are some of your story ideas for it? We want to hear your thoughts below!

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