Outlander season 3 episode 8 sneak peek analysis: The Jamie – Jenny confrontation

Outlander season 3 3pisode 8 sneak peekOutlander season 3 episode 8 is coming your way on Starz Sunday night, and judging from the latest sneak peek below there are many confrontations coming your way.

This sneak peek comes your way via Decider and one of the big themes of it is Jamie finding a way to justify to Jenny and Older Ian Murray everything that has transpired. There’s no doubt that his life has veered off in a few unexpected directions here, and that is putting it mildly. He didn’t anticipate being a Print Shop owner/smuggler, but that’s what happened. He made a good life for himself and, in turn, made a pretty good life for Young Ian in the process.

Now, that doesn’t mean that this is necessarily a life that Jenny wanted for her son — and that’s precisely why she is so angry at Jamie in this clip. She doesn’t understand why he thought it would be okay to bring Young Ian into this line of work. There is one simple answer that we’ve got to that: It’s probably not. Jamie was thinking in terms of what would help him, and while there is a good point to be made here in that Ian probably could’ve been in even more dangerous and damaging lines of work, we’re not sure that this serves as all that much of a comfort to Jenny in this moment. It’s the secret-keeping that is actually worse in some ways than the action itself.

Admittedly, it’s also the difference in environment that also matters. Jenny has not spent much of her life away from Lallybroch whereas Jamie has. He understands the way things work in a city like Edinburgh in a way that, inherently, she cannot. In turn, we also think that he may not be comfortable living in a property like this as he once was. He’s not used to it and Jenny is.

Beyond just this tension

You should expect plenty more where this came from within this episode, especially when it comes to the subject of Claire. Jenny is operating on limited information and therefore is not going to understand many things when it comes to her return. She’s going to have anger, she’s going to have some frustration, and we’re very eager to see what the end of this story looks like. That’s going to be something CarterMatt will touch on this Sunday with our full Outlander season 3 episode 8 review.

What is your take on this Outlander season 3 episode 8 sneak peek?

Let us know some of your thoughts by sharing a comment below! Rest assured that this also isn’t the only sneak peek for this episode. There is another one that you can take a look at over at the link here, and the primary focus on that one is mostly on Claire.

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